Coaching Skills Intensive Training
for your team or organization.

The training is for anyone who wants
to bring coaching skills to multiple roles
in their professional and personal lives.


  • 4-6 months of intensive training
  • 18 hours of workshops
  • Min. 3 coaching
    follow-up sessions
    for all participants

The best workshop I have ever attended!

It's about...

Shaping communication culture positively

Find out how you can positively shape organizational culture and thus work even more effectively as a team.

Addressing conflicts and resolving them constructively

Learn how to address conflict situations constructively and find solutions.

Unleashing potential
in your team

Learn to inspire rather than motivate others and help them develop their potential.

Building trust

Learn how to build trust even better in your interactions with colleagues, acquaintances and friends.

Preventing conflict

Learn how to effectively prevent conflict in your team or organization.

Promoting appreciation

Find out how you can foster mutual respect and strengthen relationships within the team.

Facts & Figures

Did you know?

What is the percentage of intercultural employees who leave their assignment due to interpersonal problems?


What is the percentage of intercultural employees who leave their assignment within the first 5 years?


What percentage of this is potentially preventable?


E.g. Conflicts, lack of adaptation to culture and language, lack of education, emotional problems....

What are the top 5 causes of employee turnover?

1. lack of recognition
2. lack of intellectual stimulation
3. poor management
4. lack of development opportunities
5. lack of scope for independent work

* Source: World Evangelical Alliance and

How to

[Use Coaching Skills]

Find your way
to integrate coaching skills into your everyday life


Coaching skills in informal everyday situations:

E.g. During conversations with colleagues over a cup of coffee.


Coaching skills in formal coaching conversations:

E.g. Helping employees realize their potential and achieve their goals.


Coaching skills in team meetings:

These skills can be critical to the success of meetings.


Coaching skills in follow-up:

E.g. Ensuring transfer and implementation after a training event.

Features & Benefits

This awaits you


18 hours of Workshops

In-house training: 2-3 days (6 hrs. per day) or
Virtual: Tuesdays and Thursdays (over 3 weeks) or on a specific weekday (over 6 weeks), 3 hours of interactive and entertaining content each day.


Coaching Toolbox

Reflect on your personal coaching toolbox and enrich it with new tools.



In an analysis meeting before the training, we find out what we want to emphasize during the training and what elective modules we could include.


individual Coaching

3 individual coaching sessions after the workshop for EACH participant to further cement what they have learned.

What others say

Coaching skills for those who care

Enable those who care for your volunteers!